• About us

  • We are on a mission to bring a better meta search engine for Flight, Hotel, Cruise, Activity Booking and Real Estate.

    iVouchy | Mashire

iVouchy as a company

Fastest growing company in 2019.
Recommended by most travellers worldwide.
Recommended by most Real Estate Owners and clients worldwide.

Our mission

To produce unbeatable prices for flight, hotel, cruise & activities booking.
To drive more innovation and to make booking of flights more easier.
To bring the latest technologies on the playing field and push more innovation in Real Estate.

Meet our amazing team

iVouchy was founded in 2017 by Zeus Gagarin. It was not that grand, He doesn't have any money to put up a business nor skills as a marketer. He simply started and worked day and night non stop and that is how iVouchy grew.

The people behind iVouchy.

Zeus Gagarin

Founder & CEO

My passion has always been to drive more innovation and breathing life unto my ideas.